LSU Chemistry graduate studies office welcomes new leadership

LSU Chemistry | January 26, 2022


LSU Chemistry graduate office teamLSU Chemistry Graduate Studies Team (left to right): Coordinator of Graduate Studies Kim Mollere, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies David Spivak, Instructor and Assistant Director of Graduate Studies Ciera Gasery

LSU Chemistry is recognized as a Foundation of Excellence Department due to the outstanding accomplishments of its faculty, staff, and students for teaching, research, and service. Since 1936, the department has trained over 1029 Ph.D. graduates that have become pioneers and leaders in the field of chemistry worldwide.

The Department of Chemistry has one of LSU’s largest Ph.D. programs, valuing diversity, research, and teaching. Starting the spring 2022 semester, the department will continue its dedication to a strong graduate studies program with new leadership. 

Instructor Ciera Gasery will serve as the assistant director of graduate studies.  Gasery earned her Ph.D. in chemistry under Professor George Stanley in 2016 and then pursued a career as a k-12 educator.  Gasery hopes to apply her expertise in curriculum and instruction inside and outside the classroom at LSU. 

As an assistant director of graduate studies, Gasery will spearhead recruitment efforts with prospective students and guide them through the graduate school's application process and journey.

“I am excited to offer my experience as a former student from the graduate program and educator to prospective and current graduate students,” said Gasery. “The diversity of the Ph.D. program here is what attracted me to LSU.  I hope to be able to continue attracting highly talented, diverse students.”

Following two years of service by Professor Donghui Zhang, Professor David Spivak will serve as the director of graduate studies. Spivak joined LSU faculty in 1998 and has managed a successful research laboratory in the synthesis and development of analytical materials.  His new role will facilitate the continued success of the chemistry graduate studies program. 

“LSU Chemistry has a long history of providing high-quality research training to a diverse group of graduate students, preparing them for successful careers in chemistry,” said Spivak.  “As we slowly emerge from the COVID pandemic, we look forward to reenergizing our recruitment efforts valuing diversity and continue the training of highly skilled chemists.”

Kim Mollere, who joined the graduate office in October 2015, will continue as the coordinator of graduate studies.  “I look forward to working with Dr. Gasery and Dr. Spivak. We hope to continue providing an impactful graduate program that prepares the future leaders in chemistry,” Mollere said. 

For more information about the LSU Chemistry Graduate Studies Office and Graduate Program, visit their webpage.  




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