Chemistry instructor receives the George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award

LSU Chemistry | April 4, 2022


Dr. Caroline SchneiderBATON ROUGE - LSU Chemistry Senior Instructor Caroline Schneider received the 2022 George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award from the University College. The George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes faculty with a record of excellence in teaching at the freshman level at LSU. 

"I truly love being able to guide students in their discovery of the science of chemistry, because I value giving others ability to understand the world around them and, of equal importance, the ability to learn in a new way," said Schneider. 

Annually, Schneider teaches the fundamentals of general chemistry to over 800 undergraduates enrolled in her CHEM 1201 and CHEM 1212 sections. She fosters an inclusive learning environment by employing student-centered instruction. Through her ability to promote student learning and convey excitement related to course content, she enhances the student experience in a large classroom setting.

"It is important to me that students are given a genuine opportunity to approach the subject of Chemistry, without the hindrances that specialized language can sometimes present," said Schneider, "So, I find ways to use regular vernacular to illustrate concepts and define terms, so that the terminology that chemists use does not itself create barriers to learning, and thus allows the concepts themselves to be more accessible." 

In addition to utilizing adaptive delivery methods and notes, Schneider minimizes financial barriers that may hinder student learning by implementing a homework platform through LSU’s Learning Management System, Moodle, and incorporating a free, peer-reviewed Open Educational Resource textbook. 

"My end goal is to have students as intrigued and excited about Chemistry as I am, so I work to help get them there!" – Caroline Schneider, Senior Instructor

Schneider received her Ph.D. in chemistry from LSU in 2013 and joined the LSU Chemistry faculty. Her exemplary teaching methods also earned her the 2020 Outstanding Instructor Award from the LSU Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. When she is not in the classroom teaching, she enjoys reading about current trends and education issues, including effective teaching approaches and diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. 



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