LSU Chemistry Graduate Accepted into Massachusetts Institute of Technology Doctoral Program

by Elaine Tagge | June 17, 2021


Julia NaumanBaton Rouge, LA- Julia Nauman has been analyzing the bigger picture since the very beginning. As a high school student, she was interested in mathematics but decided that observing the conceptual mechanics of the world wouldn’t be enough to change it. So, she turned to the sciences.

“I wanted to contribute to further discoveries of scientific knowledge,” Julia asserts. “I found chemistry to be the best fit for my interests.”

She was drawn to LSU as a legacy holder and Baton Rouge native, with both of her parents having attended and worked at the university. “I was very familiar with LSU,” Julia noted, “I participated in the LSU Math Circle summer program in 2016 and enjoyed my experience.”

True to the duality of her skills, Julia chose to pursue degrees in mathematics and chemistry. One of the biggest steps in her collegiate career was becoming an undergraduate researcher for Dr. Revati Kumar of the LSU Chemistry Department.

Her research project with Dr. Kumar compared the effects of various salts on the ability of aniline to extract graphene oxide from water solvents. Julia explains, “Graphene oxide has possible applications in water purification and the removal of contaminants, such as aniline, from water.”

Julia graduated this past May and will be entering the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry PhD program. In the future, she sees herself continuing to work with computational chemistry, studying and changing the world at the molecular level.