LSU Dissertation Fellowship Awarded to Chemistry Graduate Student Susith Galle Kankanamge

Graduate student Susith Kankanamage in front if his research poster
LSU Chemistry graduate student Susith Galle Kankanamge

Susith Galle Kankanamge, a fourth-year chemistry graduate student advised by Dr. Daniel Kuroda, received the 2020 Dissertation Year Fellowship for his project titled, “Understanding the Structure and Dynamics of Novel Battery Electrolytes by Ultrafast Multidimensional Infrared Spectroscopic Techniques.”

“I am truly honored to be recognized by LSU for my research,” said Susith. “Also, I am grateful for all the members of Kuroda’s group, especially my advisor, Dr. Daniel Kuroda, for his immense support, guidance, and encouragement.”

Susith's research projects examine the microscopic structure of battery electrolytes and its relation to macroscopic properties using an array of infrared spectroscopies and theoretical methods. One project describes the structure and dynamics of novel sodium-ion battery electrolytes, which are alternatives for lithium in large scale operations. He also studies lithium-ion battery electrolytes for use in high voltage batteries.  His findings have not only detailed the structure of systems but also explain how the molecular structure of the solvent modifies the conductivity of these systems.

This highly competitive fellowship is awarded to outstanding graduate students with a strong academic record and dissertation project. The fellowship provides a stipend supporting graduate students during the research and writing phase of the doctoral dissertation.

After graduation, Susith plans to continue his academic career as a postdoctoral researcher in the competitive field of experimental physical chemistry.

For more information on the Dissertation Year Fellowship, visit the LSU Graduate School.

Contributed by Gretchen Schneider (4/2020)