Chemistry Graduate Receives Distinguished Dissertation Award

Graduate student Drew HoodDr. Drew Hood received the 2020 College of Science Distinguished Dissertation Award for his dissertation titled “Cationic Cobalt (II) Hydroformylation.” This highly competitive award recognizes a doctoral graduate from the LSU College of Sciences who has performed outstanding research and submitted the best dissertation to the College in terms of scholarship, presentation and organization.

Dr. Hood conducted graduate research under the supervision of Professor Emeritus George Stanley. His dissertation project examined a newly discovered catalyst that proved to be unique with high hydroformylation activity under mild conditions. The precatalyst and active catalyst were characterized via NMR, EPR, MS, FTIR and X-ray crystallography. Several reaction parameters and catalyst modifications were investigated for their effects on hydroformylation activity. The cationic cobalt (II) catalyst were compared to industry standards for various alkenes in order to establish the effectiveness of this catalyst system in industrial applications.

In collaboration with the Stanley Research Group and fellow researchers from LSU Department of Biological Sciences and ExxonMobil Chemical Company, findings on this new cationic cobalt bisphosphine hydroformylation catalyst system was recently published in Science, an AAAS publication. 

Originally from Lake Charles, Dr. Hood received his B.S. in mathematics from McNeese State University in 2014 and his Ph.D. in chemistry in May of 2019. During his graduate studies, Dr. Hood received various awards, including a poster award at the 2018 Southwest Catalysis Society Fall Symposium and the 2019 LSU Mary Jo Pribble Graduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry. This fall, Dr. Hood will be starting a postdoctoral research position in the Department of Chemistry at Rice University.

“I would like to thank my advisor Dr. George Stanley and my lab mate Dr. Ryan Johnson since there support was instrumental in my success,” stated Dr. Drew Hood.