LSU Chemistry Receives Student Technology Fee Awards

The LSU Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce the funding of two 2019-2020 Student Technology Fee (STF) Awards. The first award, titled “Enabling Undergraduate Research in the Mass Spectrometry” by Principal Investigator Kermit Murray and Project Authors Dr. Fabrizio Donnarumma, Ms. Connie David, and Professor Mario Rivera, will expand undergraduate and graduate student teaching and research activities associated with the new LSU Mass Spectrometry Facility located in the Chemistry and Materials Building. The award of $8,892 will purchase an array of bench-top equipment that will allow students to perform experiments and learn basic and advanced sample preparation techniques in biology and chemistry.

The second STF Award, proposed by Principal Investigator Rendy Kartika, will modernize and expand the organic chemistry teaching laboratories in Williams Hall. The STF award of $189,345 will purchase a gas chromatograph (GC) and NMReady and Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers. In its third funded round, Professor Rendy Kartika and Co-PI’s Professor Carol Taylor (2017) and Dr. Tamara Nauman (2019) have acquired a total of $508,749 for the modernization of the organic teaching laboratories. Starting Fall 2020, LSU undergraduate students will have access to 6 bench-top NMRs, 6 FT-IRs, 2 GC’s, 18 rotovaps, along with much other new equipment in the organic chemistry teaching laboratories. 

Students using a benchtop NMR
LSU students using bench-top NMRs available through a multi-year project for the modernization of organic teaching laboratories.

Both STF awards provide LSU students with enhanced discovery-based learning experiences in their chemistry laboratory courses or research projects using the most current technology. The wide variety of instrumentation will afford students with new laboratory exercises and techniques, thus preparing them for varied career opportunities.

 For additional program information, visit the LSU Student Technology Fee Program