Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award

George Stanley

Alumni Professor George Stanley

Cyril & Tuttle Vetter Alumni Professor George Stanley was the recipient of a 2017 LSU President’s Award that recognizes extraordinary classroom teaching.  Throughout his teaching career, Professor Stanley has also made service learning a major part of his educational activities.  He has always included demonstrations in his lectures, so it was a somewhat logical extension to have students pass those demonstrations along.

In 1997, Professor Stanley and Professor Pat Limbach (now VP for Research at the University of Cincinnati) began sending LSU students out into the community, visiting K-12 schools.  This reinforces the undergraduate/graduate student learning and shares the excitement of science with younger students.  In 2017, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of ChemDemo

ChemDemo was recently highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News.

Super Science Saturday, held late each October, is also another avenue by which George leads LSU in reaching out to the broader community to share learning science through demonstrations.