Daniel Kuroda Named 2018 NSF CAREER Awardee

Kuroda Award

NSF CAREER Award to Assistant Professor Daniel Kuroda

Assistant Professor Daniel G. Kuroda has received a 2018 NSF CAREER Award for his research project, “Molecular Characterization of Motions, Interactions and Structure of the Lithium Salts in Organic Solvents via Non-Linear Infrared Spectroscopy.”  These prestigious early-career awards are given to “faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances in the mission of their department or organization.”

The project is part of a broader landscape of solvation studies at the femtosecond time-scale where Kuroda has pioneered IR investigations of ions and their solvation structure.  The combination of 2D-IR, with a special sample cell developed by the Kuroda Group, places him in a unique position to evaluate the structure and dynamics of molecules and ions in solution.  The fundamental exploration of lithium-ion solvation has potential applications in batteries, green solvents, and other areas of chemistry. 

An educational component of the proposal,  “The Poor Man’s Battery” involves showing kids how to assemble batteries from materials readily available in most homes.  Dr Kuroda’s goal is to give students a hands-on science experience while teaching them about the requirements of a battery and its operation.  In addition, Dr Kuroda has established a program he calls, “The LSU Experience” in conjunction with a local high school.  Students visit LSU to engage in LSU laboratory practices before they start college.

Dr Kuroda received a BS in Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Florida with Valeria Kleiman.  He served as a postdoctoral research associate with the late Robin Hochstrasser, one of the pioneers and undisputed world leaders in the use of lasers to answer questions in chemistry and biology.  He joined the LSU Department of Chemistry in 2013.