Daniel Kuroda

Assistant Professor Daniel Kuroda

TAF Undergraduate Teaching Award

Professor Kuroda has taught Chem3492 (Physical Chemistry II), Chem4592 (Chemical Thermodynamics) and Chem1201 (General Chemistry I).  None of these are easy classes to teach.  Students describe him as "no nonsense" but a fair instructor who is invested in the success of his students, frequently citing how helpful he is in office hours.  Indeed, "Dr Kuroda was able to add humor to a very difficult subject."

At the upper undergraduate/graduate level, Daniel has thought carefully about the balance of theory and application and has arrived at a lecture format whereby much of the class period is spent on a derivation and concludes with the application of the concept to an exam-like problem.  Here are what some of his students have to say:

  • He works very hard and is dedicated to his students.
  • I liked working together in groups to solve problems … focus on really applying what we’d learned.
  • Dr Kuroda was an awesome professor. The lectures were interesting to listen to as well as helpful.
  • Tests were very fair and reflected off his notes and homework. Would recommend class and instructor! J
  • Very passionate about teaching a difficult course.

In Spring 2017, Dr Kuroda taught Chem1201 (General Chemistry I) at 7:30 am to a class of 157 students.  Written student comments demonstrate that he convinced the students he knew what he was talking about, enjoyed teaching and cared about them.  Several commented on the experiments/demonstrations performed in class to reinforce subject matter.  Here are some direct quotes from Chem1201 student evaluations:

  • Our instructor was punctual, personable, kept to the syllabus, provided additional practice materials (very helpful) and afforded us an opportunity to earn extra points through additional assignments and quizzes.
  • He is a very visual instructor. He demonstrates things to class to make it easier for the students to comprehend.  He makes science seem fun and cool.  It appears as though he loves his job.
  • Gave the students every opportunity to succeed in this course .. there is no excuse for failing this class. Great teacher.

Dr Kuroda’s genuine interest in undergraduate education, and infusing it with research, can be seen in his recent publication with two undergraduate co-authors and Dr Kresimir Rupnik, “Determining the energetics of the hydrogen bond through FTIR:  a hands-on physical chemistry lab experiment” [J. Chem. Educ. 2016,  93, 1124-1129].  He has also been a strong, supportive research mentor to undergraduates, including two winners of the Department’s Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award.