Louis Haber

Assistant Professor Louis Haber

TAF Undergraduate Teaching Award


  In terms of undergraduate teaching, Professor Haber’s primary classroom contribution has been via Chem3491 that covers quantum mechanics applied to Chemistry.  All Chemistry and Chemical Engineering majors must take this class and enrollments have doubled in the past 5 years, due to the flow-on effects of increased enrollments in Engineering.  He has gone from teaching classes of about 50 students, to nearly a hundred. He not only teaches this challenging class to a growing number of LSU’s science and engineering majors but he has worked with students one-on-one to honorize Chem3491.  In the words of his Chem3491 students:

  • Absolutely loved the course, enjoyed the professor’s input and I wish I could take it again.
  • Awesome teacher who was informed and enthusiastic.
  • His love for the subject was contagious and made this painful subject almost enjoyable.
  • This class was a surprisingly pleasant experience.
  • Dr Haber was a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend him.
  • I was easily kept attentive by the energy the professor brought.
  • A very efficient teacher and thoroughly covered all the material.
  • I like how you welcomed questions.
  • Great teacher who cares about students.

  The other class that Dr Haber teaches often is Chem4594 (Introduction to Quantum Chemistry).  For the most part, this class is taken by graduate students;  in the years that the course is taught by Haber there are typically a couple of self-selecting undergraduates who register.  They express a genuine interest in the material and he encourages them. 


  Professor Haber has supported several undergraduates in his research group since his arrival at LSU.  He is renowned for engaging students at all levels, through from high school to postdoctoral in various aspects of his projects.  In the words of a student who worked in the Haber Research Group, and honorized Chem3491, “my learning experiences with Dr Haber are the metric by which I identify great teachers.”