Action Shot by Anne Power

Action shot "dropper and beaker with reflection of person in the droplet"

Action Shot - Anne Power

General Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator



In the words of the judges, “The image of the person performing the titration with a buret is refracted in the droplet to produce an upside down and slightly distorted version of him.”

 “I like the simple but effective composition. The contrasting shapes of the buret and what I think is a test tube work well. And the surprise face in the droplet is what lifts this technically excellent image into a compelling science photo.”

“The composition of this photo is excellent. It’s a beautiful image because of the color and symmetry. Then, the longer you look, the more detail you notice — the face in the droplet, the out of focus face in the background, the tension of the droplet captured in what feels like a moment just before it drips. This photo is captivating. It makes me want to know more about the experiment and who is conducting it?”