Congratulations to our STEM Award Winners!

Each Spring, LSU’s Office of Research & Economic Development, in collaboration with the Campus Federal Credit Union and the Council on Research selects “rainmakers” at three different career stages.  There are parallel awards in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and Arts, Humanities and Social or Behavioral Sciences.  The awards recognize “faculty who show outstanding research, scholarship and creative activity for their respective rank and discipline.”  We are pleased to report that all three STEM awards went to Chemistry faculty members in 2017! 

Rendy Kartika

Assistant Professor Rendy G. Kartika

Emerging Scholar Award

Dr Kartika’s research interests lie in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. Since joining LSU in 2011, he has published 12 papers in top tier journals, recounting his research group’s advances in asymmetric synthesis enabled by carbocationic intermediates and studies towards chlorosulfolipid natural products. He has already received funding from the NSF. Two students have already received PhDs from the Kartika Group and six are currently working toward that goal. Dr Kartika is appreciated as much by his colleagues across the country as his Chem2262 (Organic II) students for his charismatic lecturing style.

Donghui Zhang

Associate Professor Donghui Zhang

Mid-Career Scholar Award

Dr Zhang joined the Department in 2007 and has established herself as an innovative researcher in the field of bio-inspired polymers. She is a leader in the field of polypeptoids, non-natural analogs of peptides; her name is essential on the list of any symposium in the area. She has published 32 papers in less than a decade at LSU. She received a Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award in 2009 from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities and an NSF CAREER Award in 2010. She is a co-investigator on the DOE EPSCoR program, “Building Neutron Scattering Infrastructure in Louisiana for Advanced Materials.” Her most recent funding coup is a single PI grant from the NSF Division of Macromolecular, Supramolecular and Nanochemistry (MSN) for a project focused on amphiphilic coil-comb block copolymers. 

Kermit Murray

Professor Kermit K. Murray

Senior Scholar Award

Dr Murray began his independent career at Emory University and moved to LSU in 2001.  He was recently named the Roy. P. Daniels Professor of Chemistry.  He has been making major contributions to bioanalytical chemistry for more than two decades.  The current thrust of Professor Murray’s work is the combination of several techniques into one, showing both technical expertise as well as a drive to solve real problems, viz. imaging proteins in tissues at the cellular and sub-cellular level.  This is an exceedingly challenging problem given the extremely small sample sizes and the complex biological matrices involved.  Dr Murray has been consistently well funded throughout his career, however in 2016, he experienced very heavy “rainfall,” including  a new grant from NSF’s Instrument Development for Biological Research (IDBR) and a Phase II Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant from NIH.