Polymers in Art Exhibition at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum to be Co-Curated by Chemistry Professor

 Professor John A. Pojman, of the LSU Department of Chemistry, will co-curate with Elizabeth Weinstein, Director of Art Interpretation at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum, the exhibition Polymers in Art Through the Centuries to be on view March 4 – June 4, 2017 at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum (LASM). Dr. Pojman teaches graduate courses in polymer chemistry and is an expert on polymers. Providing a snapshot view, examples of artworks in the museum’s collection will demonstrate how polymers have been used in art-making media throughout history, ranging from Japanese lacquerware though oils paints to 20th century materials such as acrylic paint and Lucite. Pojman is also working with the Art & Science Museum staff to develop hands-on activities for children to make their own jewelry from the casein polymer in milk. The exhibition will also include artwork by Professor Shelby Prindaville of the University of St. Mary made with 3P Quickcure Clay. Ms. Prindaville worked with Dr. Pojman in developing QuickCure Clay while she was an MFA student at LSU.