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MARC Sponsored Seminars

MARC Sponsored Seminars are open to the LSU Community.  If you would like to attend, please contact Dr. Gretchen Schneider ( for location or zoom meeting details.  

Spring 2022

Date/Time Title Speaker Institute/Host

Friday, Jan 28

2:30 PM | 100 CMB

Introduction MARC Team  

Wednesday, Feb 2

4:30-5:30 PM | 139 Allen Hall 

Writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Mrs. Sarah Ferstel LSU Discover

Friday, Feb 11

2:30 PM | 100 CMB

Social Media as a Tool for Academic and Career Development  Gabela Nelson, MARC Graduate Student MARC

Friday, Feb 18

2:30 PM | via zoom

Postbacc and Biomedical Research Opportunities at UNC School of Medicine

Debra Ann Ragland, PhD
Director, SOLAR
Assistant Director, Diversity Affairs and IMSD, Academic Coaching, and IMSD Peer Mentoring
UNC School of Medicine

Friday, Feb 25

2:30 PM | 100 CMB

Team building activity Gretchen Schneider MARC

Friday, March 4

2:30 PM | 100 CMB

Biological Lab Safety

Abigail Fish, PhD
Biological Safety Manager 
LSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Friday, March 11

2:30 PM | 210 Choppin

The Importance of Safety and Careful Experimental Design in Biomedical Research Professor Graca Vicente & Dr. Tyrslai Williams-Carter MARC

Friday, March 25

2:30 PM | 100 & 202 CMB

Rigor & Reproducibility: Module 2: Blinding and Randomization – Cohort 1 (Gabela);  Module 4: Sample Size, Outliers, & Exclusion Criteria -  Cohort 2 (Mahannah)

MARC Graduate Students MARC

Friday, April 1

2:30 PM 

Pennington Biomedical Research Center Tour
Christopher Morrison, PhD
John S. McIlhenny Endowed Professorship in Nutritional Neuroscience; Associate Executive Director of Basic Science | Professor

Friday, April 8

2:30 PM | 100 CMB

Poster Review & Presentation MARC Scholars MARC

Tuesday, April 12

4:30 - 5:30 PM | location TBA

Poster Presentation Delivery Workshop

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Dr. Becky Carmichael, CxC LSU Discover
Friday, April 22 LSU Discover Day    

Fall 2021

Date/Time Title Speaker Institute/Host


1:30 PM 

Scholar Presentations- SRE2 Projects POSTPONED MARC Cohort 1 Scholars LSU MARC


1:30 PM

Research Compliance: IRB & IACUC

Debra Keppler, Director of Research Compliance

Elizabeth Cadarette, Compliance Specialist

LSU Office of Research and Economic Development 



12:30-2 PM

Scholar Presentations- SRE2 Projects MARC Cohort 1 Scholars LSU MARC


12:30-2 PM

Getting Into Graduate School: Panel Discussion 

"Stand Out to Get In: Demystifying the Graduate School Application Process"

Panel Session with Grad Students and PhDs


LS-PAC Models


1:30 PM 

Baylor College of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Robert Stephens, MNM
Associate Director of Admissions 
Baylor College of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Baylor College of Medicine 


1:30 PM 

CxC Studio & Distinguished Communicator  Dr. Becky Carmichael, LSU CxC LSU MARC


1:30 PM

Scientific Poster Design LSU MARC Scholar Mia Goodson & Dr. Gretchen Schneider LSU MARC


1:30 PM

Rigor & Reproducibility: Transparency & Biological and Technical Replicates  Training Module 1- Transparency (Mahannah El-Farrah, MARC Graduate Student)  
Training Module 3- Biological and Technical Replicates (Gabela Nelson, MARC Graduate Student)


1:30 PM

Scholar Presentations- Fall 2021 and SRE2 Projects LSU MARC cholars LSU MARC

Spring 2021

Date/Time Title Speaker Institute


9:30 AM

Tips for Undergraduate Success in the Laboratory Dr. Gretchen Schneider, MARC Manager Louisiana State University


9:30 AM

Lab Safety: Hazard Recognition and Solutions Dr. Jason LeJeune & Dr. Jerry Steward, LSU Environmental Health & Safety Louisiana State University


9:30 AM

Data handling and keeping: Maintaining a Lab Notebook Gabela Nelson, MARC Graduate Student Louisiana State University


9:30 AM

Rigor & Reproducibility (Module 2): Blinding and Randomization  Cy’Rus Laugand, MARC Graduate Student Louisiana State University


9:30 AM

LSUHSC-New Orleans Postbaccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) in Biomedical Sciences Dr. Lisa M. Harrison-Bernard,

Professor of Physiology and Nursing
Director:  LSUHSC-New Orleans PREP

LSUHSC-New Orleans


9:30 AM

Biomedical Graduate Programs at University of North Texas Health Science Center  J. Michael Mathis, MHA, PhD, EdD

Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences




Making Research Meaningful: TED Tools for STEM Students  Dr. Becky Carmichael, LSU CxC LS-PAC Models/LSU


9:30 AM

Scholar Poster Design   MARC Team Louisiana State University


9:30 AM

Scholar Presentations MARC Team Louisiana State University

Fall 2020

Date/Time Title Speaker Institute


3:00 PM

Types of Publications Dr. Graça Vicente, MARC Director Louisiana State University


3:00 PM

Library Resources

Mr. David Dunaway & Ms. Randa Lopez Morgan

LSU Libraries

Louisiana State University


3:00 PM

Biomedical Sciences Graduate programs at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine Dr. Arnoldo Diaz 

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine


3:00 PM

Graduate Programs in Biomedical Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine Mr. Robert Stephens Baylor College of Medicine 


3:00 PM

Responsible Conduct of Research  Dr. Arthur Penn LSU VetMed


3:00 PM

Rigor & Reproducibility: Transparency Mr. Cy'Rus Laugand, MARC GA Louisiana State University




Graça Vicente, Ph.D.
Director, Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program
Charles H. Barré Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
249 Chemistry & Materials Building 
Gretchen Schneider, Ph.D.
MARC Manager 
201 Chemistry & Materials Building
Isiah M. Warner, Ph.D.
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Boyd Professor of Chemistry
213 Hatcher Hall

Tyrslai Williams-Carter, Ph.D. 
Director of Research, Education,
& Outreach Programs
Office of Strategic Initiatives
213 Hatcher Hall


LSU Office of Strategic Initiatives
LSU College of Science
LSU College of Human Sciences and Education

LSU Department of Biological Sciences

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