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Program Components

Responsibilities of MARC scholars

  • Engage in research during their 2-year appointment for 15 hours/week during the academic year and 30 hours/week for eight weeks during the summers.
  • Conduct off-campus research during one summer.
  • Enroll in and fully participate in the Scientific Research-Related Skills (SRRS) Course all academic year semesters.
  • Participate in monthly research seminars and other MARC sponsored events. 
  • Present research at a regional/national conference each year.
  • Participate in community outreach/mentoring activities.
  • Take GRE exam and apply for various fellowship opportunities.

Scholarship/Funding provided

  • Stipend of approximately $13,644 per year (12 month appointment). 
  • Trainees also receive tuition fee support (~$2,300 per year);
  • Travel funds to a national conference each year;
  • Funds to support a summer extramural research experience.
  • Continuation of funding will depend on satisfactory performance in the program and availability of funds from the NIH.

The MARC stipend will be part of your overall financial aid package; the Financial Aid office will adjust your financial aid package to ensure that you do not exceed your financial need. For more information, please contact the financial aid office directly.  


Graça Vicente, Ph.D.
Director, Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program
Charles H. Barré Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
249 Chemistry & Materials Building 
Gretchen Schneider, Ph.D.
MARC Manager 
201 Chemistry & Materials Building
Isiah M. Warner, Ph.D.
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Boyd Professor of Chemistry
213 Hatcher Hall

Tyrslai Williams-Carter, Ph.D. 
Director of Research, Education,
& Outreach Programs
Office of Strategic Initiatives
213 Hatcher Hall

MARC Mentors & Research Topics


LSU Office of Strategic Initiatives
LSU College of Science
LSU College of Human Sciences and Education

LSU Department of Biological Sciences

LSU Department of Chemistry