MARC Mentors and Research Topics

Faculty Mentor Department Research Topic
Dr. Mark Batzer Biological Sciences Comparative and functional genomics
Dr. Dorian Bolder Biological Engineering Processing of biological materials; exploring lignin beads for sustainability of food, energy and water systems
Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty Biological Sciences Evolution and Renovation of species at the LSU Museum of Natural Science
Dr. Alex Cohen Psychology Study of mental illness
Dr. Stephania Cormier Biological Sciences Respiratory immunology & toxicology of the infant
Dr. Joseph Francis Comparative Biomedical Sciences Neuroinflammation and Cardiometabolic syndrome
Dr. Fernando Galvez Biological Sciences Environmental Toxicology & Comparative Physiology
Dr. Victor Garcia-Lopez Chemistry Synthesis of molecular switches and machines to modulate plasma membrane's structure and dynamics.
Dr. Jayne Garno Chemistry Analytical, bioanalytical & surface chemistry; Scanning probe studies
Dr. Evanna Gleason Biological Sciences Regulation of synaptic transmission between retinal amacrine cells
Dr. Anne Grove Biological Sciences Bacterial responses to stress
Dr. Craig Hart Biological Sciences Chromatin and gene regulation
Dr. Jason Hicks Psychology Cognitive science and human memory
Dr. Weishan Huang Pathobiological Sciences Immune homeostasis and therapy
Dr. Hunter Gilbert Mechanical Engineering Medical Devices, including sophisticated surgical robots, medical imaging and sensing
Dr. Brian Irving Kinesiology Exercise physiology, aging, and mitochondria bioenergetics
Dr. Samithamby Jeyaseelan Pathobiological Sciences Lung inflammation and host defense
Dr. Rendy Kartika Chemistry Synthetic methods development and biological-active molecule synthesis
Dr. Morgan Kelly Biological Sciences Abiotic stress adaptation in marine invertebrates
Dr. Gus Kousoulas Virology and Biotechnology Molecular biology of human herpes viruses
Dr. Marlene Janes Food Science Rapid methods for detecting foodborne viruses and bacteria
Dr. Guoqiang Li Mechanical Engineering Smart polymer composites
Dr. Jack Losso Food Science Food proteins and enzymes
Dr. Michael Malisoff Mathematics Control systems for COVID19-related models
Dr. Karen Maruska Biological Sciences Neural basis of social behavior and sensory plasticity
Dr. Kenneth Matthews Physics Medical physics, radiological imaging
Dr. Robin McCarley Chemistry Development and application of fluorescent probes
Dr. Adam Melvin Biochemical Engineering Peptide-based biosensors and therapeutics; Microfluidic devices for cellular analysis
Dr. Todd Monroe Biological Engineering Microfluidic devices for cellular analysis
Dr. Kermit Murray Chemistry Mass Spectrometry
Dr. Marcia Newcomer Biological Sciences Structural biology of enzymes
Dr. Wayne Newhauser Physics Medical Physics, oncology
Dr. Arthur Penn  Comp. Biomed. Sci. Biological effects of second-hand smoke 
Dr. John Pojman Chemistry Chemistry, cure-on demand materials, thiol-acrylate chemistry 
Dr. Justin Ragains Chemistry Synthetic method development, carbohydrate chemistry, chemical immunology 
Dr. Jagannathan Ramanujam CCT, Electrical & Computer Engineering High-performance computing and data science
Dr. Fatima Rivas Chemistry Chemical biology, synthesis of biologically active organic molecules
Dr. Mario Rivera Chemistry Bioanalytical and microbiological chemistry; drug discovery
Dr. Cristina Sabliov Biological Engineering Nanodelivery systems
Dr. Guillaume Spielmann Kinesiology Stress and immune function
Dr. Jacqueline Stephens Biological Sciences, Pennington Biomedical Center Adipocyte Biology
Dr. Arend Van Gemmert Kinesiology Fine motor control and learning; Movement disorders
Dr. Maria da Graça Vicente Chemistry Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and biological evaluation of BODIPYs and related fluorophores
Dr. Isiah Warner Chemistry Nanoparticles and fluorescence spectroscopy
Dr. Tuo Wang Chemistry Screening the cell wall structure and the effect of drug treatment on fungal pathogens