Timothy S. Evenson Macromolecular Award in Chemistry

This award honors Dr Timothy Sean Evenson. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Tim received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Missouri University of Science & Technology-Rolla in 1994. To continue his interest in macromolecular chemistry, Tim joined the research group of Professor William H. Daly in August 1994.  As an exceptional student, he developed new polymerization procedures including the unique use of Barton esters as initiators for polymer modification. Tim completed all the requirements for a  PhD in January,1999.   Tragically, he was killed in a car accident, just inside the South Gate of campus on March 28, 1999.  He was awarded his PhD posthumously in May 1999.

One of his classmates wrote of Tim, “I only knew Tim for about a year.  But what I learned from him in that one year will affect me always.  He was one of the first in the graduate school of the Chemistry Department to introduce himself to me.  He was always so cheerful and happy and that mood just had to carry over to others that crossed his path. Tim, was an extraordinary person, friend, mentor, student and acquaintance.  His presence will never be forgotten.”  These comments summarize the sentiments of his professors and colleagues in the Department.  His contributions set the standards for future award recipients. 

The recipient of this award must be a full time graduate student at Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College enrolled in the Graduate School, majoring in chemistry.  Financial need may be a consideration.

The original donors for the award were Professors William H. Daly and Paul R. Russo, along with Tim’s parents, Richard and Joan Evenson.  The award continues thanks to the generosity of Professor Daly.

Previous recipients:

  • 2021- Rasangi Perera (Schneider Group)
  • 2020- Judith de Mel (Schneider Group)
  • 2019- Garrett Sternhagen (Zhang Group)
  • 2018- Albert Chao (Zhang Group)
  • 2016- Leah Garber (Pojman Group)
  • 2015- Brandon Chan (Zhang Group)
  • 2012- Wei Bai (Spivak Group)
  • 2011- Christopher Bounds (Pojman Group);  Nicholas Gariano (Spivak Group)
  • 2009- Jason Lejeune (Spivak Group)
  • 2007- Edward Stefenescu (Daly/Negulescu Groups)
  • 2006- Changde Zhang (Daly Group)
  • 2005- Jirun Sun (Russo Group)