James G. Traynham Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research in Chemistry

James G. Traynham

James G. Traynham is a former Department Chair and VC for Research and Dean of the Graduate School.  To learn more about Professor Traynham, visit the following site: Induction into the College of Science Hall of Distinction (2007)

The recipient of this award must be a full time graduate student at Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College in the PhD degree program of the Department of Chemistry.  The recipient must have completed the general exam and have a distinguished record in teaching and research.  The recipient must possess the following attributes:

  • A record for excellence in teaching and research
  • A record that is indicative of a genuine interest in students
  • A cooperative relationship with other teaching assistants, faculty and staff
  • Demonstrated leadership with other teaching assistants, faculty and staff
  • Dedication to the pursuit of scholarly knowledge in course work and personal research

The original endowment for this award was organized by Professor Klaus Fischer, with contributions from former students and colleagues, in honor of Professor Jim Traynham.

Previous recipients:

  • 2021- Nichole Kaufman (Vicente Group)
  • 2020- Josh Malone (Kartika Group)
  • 2019- Neepa Kuruppu (Garno Group)
  • 2018- Adan Bruner (Lopata Group)
  • 2017- Mirza (Della) Saputra (Kartika Group)
  • 2016- Paulina Kolic (Warner Group)
  • 2015- Caitlin Ayala (Kartika Group)
  • 2014- Wei Bai (Spivak Group)
  • 2013- Brian Imsick (Nesterov Group)
  • 2012- Marsha Cole (Warner Group)
  • 2011- Sergio De Rooy (Warner Group)
  • 2010- Zorabel Lejeune (Garno Group)
  • 2009- Wilson Serem (Garno Group)
  • 2007- Ricky Nellas (Chen Group)
  • 2006- Michael Easson (Vicente Group)
  • 2005- Marcus Etienne (Hammer Group)
  • 2004- Bertha Valle (Warner Group)
  • 2003- Jed Aucoin (McCarley Group)
  • 2002- Hannah Farquar (Hammer Group)
  • 2001- Gerald Rathbone (Poliakoff Group)
  • 1999- Ted Gauthier (McLaughlin Group)
  • 1998- Charles Cantrell (Fischer Group)
  • 1997- James Flanagan, Jr (Soper Group)