Graduate Student Awards 

Each Spring Semester, the Department recognizes the achievements of graduate students who have excelled in research or teaching, or both. The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) calls for research award nominations in February.  The deadline for nominations is mid-March.  Most nominations consist of:

  • A nomination letter from the student’s graduate advisor;
  • A supporting letter from another faculty member;
  • A brief CV (similar to what is required for annual graduate student reports each May);
  • A one page summary of the student’s research to-date (similar to what is required for annual graduate student reports each May).

Typically, five Outstanding TA Awards are made by the Director of Undergraduate Laboratories, in consultation with the faculty who teach laboratory classes.  These are supported by the donations of alumni and friends to the Chemistry Development Fund.

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce the names of the graduate students who have been selected for the 2019-2020 Chemistry Graduate Research and Teaching Awards.

2019-2020 Award Recipients

James G. Traynham Teaching & Research Award

graduate student Josh Malone

Josh Malone

Advisor: Dr. Rendy Kartika

Dow Chemical Macromolecular Award

graduate student Tuanyi Yu

Tianyi Yu

Advisor: Dr. Donghui Zhang 

Kiran Allam International Award

graduate student Guanyu Zhang

Guanyu Zhang

Advisor: Dr. Maria da Graça Vicente

Mary Jo Pribble Inorganic Award

Graduate student Xin Gui

Xin Gui

Advisor: Dr. Weiwei Xie

H. Dupont Durst Organic Award

graduate student Maodie Wang

Maodie Wang

Advisor: Dr. Maria da Graça Vicente

Neil Kestner Physical Award

graduate student Susith Galle Kankanamge

Susith Galle Kankanamge

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Kuroda

Timothy S. Evenson Polymer Award

graduate student Judith de Mel

Judith de Mel

Advisor: Dr. Gerald Schneider

Chem 4553 TA Award

graduate student Emmanuel Ampiah

Emmanuel Ampiah

Advisor: Dr. Robert Cook 

Chem 2364 TA Award

Graduate student Varad Agarkar

Varad Agarkar

Advisor: Dr. Justin Ragains  

Chem 1212 TA Award

graduate student Vanessa Hulse

Vanessa Hulse

Advisor: Dr. Noémie Elgrishi

Chem 1212 TA Award

Graduate student Alexander Meyer

Alexander Meyer

Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Lopata

Chem 1212 TA Award

Graduate Student Hermanthie Charya Wickamasinghe

Hermanthie Charya Wickamasinghe

Advisor: Dr. Megan Macnaughtan

Coates Dissertation Award

Graduate Student Josh Lutz

Josh Lutz

Advisor: Dr. Carol Taylor