November 2019 News

MSF lab in 230A CMB

  • The laboratory space in 230A CMB is being prepared to accommodate most of the MS activity of the MSF.
  • The Bruker amaZon Ion Trap has been relocated from the basement of Choppin Hall to the new location. The server cluster will be installed next week. Relocation of the remaining equipment from CMB 209 to CMB 230 will be completed once the new Q-Exactive Ms has been installed.

Q-Exactive installation

The installation of the Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive mass spectrometer is nearly completed. Next Monday, November 11th, Thermo Scientific engineers will be back to perform the final steps and validate the installation.


System status

The MALDI system has been repaired. An additional PM will be performed on a later date to change the linear detector.


The scheduling system has been changed to incorporate three schedules, which cover an entire week, 24/7. Below a description of each schedule

  • MALDI-TOFTOF: this is the schedule that runs from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. Booking is limited to a maximum of 2 hours and consecutive appointment are not allowed. Please note that you can perform ANY type of experiment with the instrument, so far you do not exceed the 2 hours limit.
  • MALDI_IMAGING: this is the first after-hours schedule and it runs from 5 PM to midnight. You have no limitations on booking hours or consecutive appointments. This schedule is intended for longer experiments (hence the name “imaging” in the title). This schedule also covers the entire weekend (5 PM Friday to 8 AM Monday).
  • MALDI_IMAGING_2: this schedule is identical to “MALDI_IMAGING”, but it runs from midnight to 8 AM and does not cover the weekends (which are already covered by the other imaging schedule).

To prevent overlap of bookings, each schedule has exclusive access to its allocated time slot. For example, you will not be able to book the instrument for a 6PM-7PM Monday using the MALDI-TOFTOF schedule. The calendar view has been adjusted to reflect the available time slots in each schedule. Time slot outside the allowed ones are blacked out.

New procedure - calibration spectra

Our plan is to run a calibration on a weekly/biweekly schedule. This will allow us to keep a constant monitor on the status of the machine. I created a new folder in the data file folder and I named it “Calibrations”. Inside, you will find spectra of peptide and protein standards at different concentrations. That will allow you to verify that the calibration you are running with your experiments has the same characteristic (intensity, sensitivity, resolution etc.) as the one run by the facility.