Proteomics Training on the Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive

Q-ExactiveThe Mass Spectrometry Facility (MSF) will host an on-site training for the Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive on May 25th through May 27th with a focus on proteomics. The Q-Exactive is an orbitrap mass spectrometer housed in the MSF and it is coupled to a Thermo Scientific Ultimate 3000 RSLC nano LC system to deliver an advanced proteomics analysis system, which can analyze ng amounts of complex protein mixture digest. The output can be further processed with Thermo Scientific Proteome Discovered (PD), the latest version of which is installed on a dedicated server in the MSF. This training will provide an overview of all the acquisition modes of the Q-Exactive as well as detailed explanation of analysis workflow and results interpretation with PD. The training is aimed at a wide variety of users. Students will learn how to plan proteomics experiment and interpret the obtained results. PIs will learn what kind of capabilities the instrumentation offers, which will help integrating proteomics experiments in future grants and lectures.

For further information about this event and to RSVP, please download the flyer.

Download the Proteomics Training on the Thermo Scientific Q-Exactive flyer