04/23/2021 - New MSF website and instrument updates

The LSU Mass Spectrometry Facility has a new website!

In addition to a new design, we implemented some new features, among which

  • New and updated instrument rates page
  • A grant support dedicated form that allows you to request letter of support for your applications
  • New online submission forms, which allow you to upload structure, papers and more
  • A “procedure” page, where you can find example dataset and sample preparation protocols for all the instrument and the services we offer

Together with these new features, you will still be able to follow our news section and contact us with the newly designed forms. 

Moreover, we have the following updates on the status of our instrumentation:

Amazon Ion TrapBruker amaZon Speed Ion Trap: the amaZon is up and running and the recent service visit allowed us to gain a much higher sensitivity in MRM mode. Now, pg/mL sensitivity levels in complex matrix are achievable for a variety of small molecules.

Q-Exactive Orbitrap and nanoLCThermo Scientific Q-Exactive Orbitrap: the Orbitrap and the nanoLC Ms are up and running. The system can analyze tens of thousands of peptides in a single run and we can perform almost any sample preparation protocol in our facility.

Proteome Discoverer exampleWe will have a dedicated training session for proteomics during the week of May 24-28, 2021. A Thermo Scientific application Scientist will visit us and we will offer Zoom seminar where you will be able to learn how to get the most from proteomics experiments at the LSU MSF.

If you have questions or want to get in touch with us, you can use click on the “Contact us” link on the website or write to massspec@lsu.edu