joseph rugutt

Joseph Rugutt

Briefly, I am an alumnus of LSU. My postdoc research was under Professor Warner’s tutelage. I acquired a lot of important academic and career skills in Professor Warner’s ethnically diverse research group. I am currently the chairman of the Department of Chemistry at Missouri State University-West Plains (MSU-WP).

joseph and group

I have continued to spread the joys of chemistry in villages universities and high schools in Kenya following Professor Warner’s mentoring ladder and the “Climbing Bloom’s Ladder” approaches as described in his article in the Journal of Chemical Education (J. Chem. Educ., 2004, 81 (10), p 1413). Through a Fulbright Fellowship, Professor Warner visited Kenya and initiated projects and that have transformed the lives of many students. For example, he donated books that catalyzed the building of a public library in Kericho City, Kenya.


Joseph was featured in Missouri’s West Plains Quill local newspaper, Higher Education section, November 9, 2018: