LSU GSSPC to Host Symposium at Spring 2019 ACS Meeting


Standing (left to right): Tia Vargas, Josh Lutz, Mike the Tiger, Chris Sumner, Nichole Kaufman, Ashley Fulton
Sitting (left to right): Judith De Mel, Peter Kei


Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC): A team of 7 LSU Chemistry graduate students - Ashley Fulton, Peter Kei, Nichole Kaufman, Judith De Mel, Chris Sumner, Tia Vargas and Josh Lutz - put together a proposal for a symposium entitiled “Artificial Molecular Machines and the Next Generation of Molecular Control.” They were selected in a nationwide competition by the current GSSPC from the University of Florida. They are now charged with recruiting high profile speakers, raising funds and managing logistics for their symposium that will be held at the 257th National ACS Meeting in Orlando in March 2019. For more details on the GSSPC program, and to get some context of the boost our graduate students are giving to our national profile, Click here


For more information about the symposium for Spring 2019, Click here