Undergraduate Research

At LSU you have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research in the Department of Biological Sciences, even as an undergraduate student. The department has over fifty outstanding researchers who are often willing to take on undergraduates in their laboratories.  Check out some of the benefits of undergraduate research.

There are two primary ways to become involved with research as an undergraduate. 

  • Part-time employment in a laboratory.  Some students have scholarships or work-study awards that provide support for campus jobs, including working in research laboratories. In some instances students may be supported by a faculty member’s grant. 
  • Formal enrollment in the upper division course, BIOL 3999 with the support of a research faculty member in the Department of Biological Sciences. 

In either case you need to first identify a faculty mentor.  The best procedure is to look over the research interests of our faculty, identify the type of research you are interested in and contact these faculty members. Here is a faculty listing.  (all except instructors can serve as research mentors):

When you identify someone who is willing to take you in their laboratory you can discuss employment options.  If you decide to enroll in BIOL 3999 you can find the requirements here: