Academic Advising

There are five options available to get individual advising:

  • The Majors Requirements and Recommended Paths: These links can serve as an “Electronic Advisor” for most questions concerning required courses and when to take them.
  • Office of Undergraduate Studies in Biological Sciences, 101 Life Sciences Building: To schedule an advising session, call 225 578-5224 to make an appointment with Dr. Donze.
  • Research Faculty: If you work in a faculty member’s research laboratory, ask the faculty member if he/she is willing to act as your academic advisor.
  • Classroom Faculty: If you have a favorite Biological Sciences professor, ask him/her if he/she would be willing to act as your advisor.
  • College of Science, 124 Hatcher Hall (225-578-4200): Counselors in the College of Science can help you with meeting degree requirements, residency requirements, graduation issues and keeping your degree audit current and correct.