E. William Wischusen

E. William  Wischusen 

Associate Professor
SEE Division

PhD: Cornell University, 1990

Phone: 225-578‐0860
Lab Phone: 225-578‐1848

E-mail: ewischu@lsu.edu
Lab: 131 Life Sciences Building

Area of Interest

My research interests are split between vertebrate ecology, especially the ecology of birds and Mammals, and science education. The focus of my ecological research is primarily in the field of animal/habitat interactions. My goal is to understand how animals use their habitats and try to determine which features in the habitat are critical to that particular species or group of species. My current research involves the foraging ecology of Mississippi Kites (Ictinia mississippiensis).

My science education research is focuses on the impact of different teaching approaches on student learning. While there are many approaches to teaching ranging from strictly lecture formats to studio formats to tutorial formats, there is little information on how these approaches impact student learning.

Selected Publications

Sundberg, M. D., J. Armstrong, M. Dini, and W. Wischusen. 2000. Investigative laboratories: Practical tips for their design and implementation. Journal of College Science Teaching, March/April:353-359.

Wischusen, E. W. (in press). The Impact of gliding on the ecology of arboreal folivores. In "The Biology of Gliding Mammals" ed. by R. Goldingay & J. Scheibe, Filander Verlag, Germany.

Wischusen, E. W. and M. E. Richmond. 1998. Foraging behavior in the Philippine flying lemur (Cynocephalus volans). Journal of Mammalogy, 79:1288-1295.

Wischusen, E. W. 1998. Rates of open-field foraging by the Mississippi Kite (Ictinia mississippiensis). Journal of Raptor Research, 32(3):246-247.