J. V. Remsen

James   V.  Remsen  Jr.

John S. McIlhenney Professor
Curator of Birds
SEE Division

PhD: University of California, Berkeley

Phone: 225-578-2855

E-mail: najames@lsu.edu
Office: 119 Foster Hall

Area of Interest

I study the ecology, evolution, and biogeography of Neotropical birds, particularly those of the Andes and the Amazon basin. I concentrate on investigating how and why tropical birds differ from their temperate-latitude counterparts, especially with respect to foraging behavior, habitat selection, and patterns of geographic variation. My current major project, with Robb Brumfield and Santiago Claramunt, examines patterns of evolution in a phylogenetic framework within a family of tropical birds, the Furnariidae, which shows unparalleled diversity in these variables. I also work on what might best be called “applied phylogenetics,” namely using phylogenetic data to change traditional bird classifications. I have a secondary interest in the biogeography and timing of migration in both tropical and Louisiana birds.

Selected Publications

Foraging behavior and habitat selection of tropical birds:

Marra, P. P. & J. V. Remsen, JR. 1997. Insights into the maintenance of high species diversity in the Neotropics: habitat selection and foraging behavior in understory birds of tropical and temperate forests. Pp. 445-483 in Studies in Neotropical ornithology honoring Ted Parker. Ornithol. Monogr. 48.

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REMSEN, J. V., JR. & T. A. Parker, III. 1983. Contribution of river-created habitats to Amazonian bird species richness. Biotropica 15: 223-231.

Geographic variation and biogeography of tropical birds:

Brumfield, R. T. & J. V. REMSEN, JR. 1996. Geographic variation and species limits in Cinnycerthia wrens of the Andes. Wilson Bull 108: 205-227.

REMSEN, J. V., JR. & W. S. Graves IV. 1995. Distribution patterns and zoogeography of Atlapetes brush-finches (Emberizinae) of the Andes. Auk 112: 210-224.

REMSEN, J. V., JR. & W. S. Graves IV. 1995. Distribution patterns of Buarremon brush-finches (Emberizinae) and interspecific competition in Andean birds. Auk 112: 225-236.

REMSEN, J. V., JR., O. Rocha O., C. G. Schmitt, & D. C. Schmitt. 1991. Zoogeography and geographic variation of Platyrinchus mystaceus in Bolivia and Peru, and the Circum-Amazonian distribution pattern. Ornitologia Neotropical 2: 77-83.

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REMSEN, J. V., JR. 1984. High incidence of "leap-frog" pattern of geographic variation in Andean birds: implications for the speciation process. Science 224: 171-173.

Applied phylogenetics:

Banks, R. C., B. L. Monroe, Jr., J. W. Fitzpatrick, T. R. Howell, N. K. Johnson, H. Ouellet, J. V. REMSEN, JR., & R. W. Storer. 1998. Check-list of North American Birds. 7th Edition. American Ornithologists' Union, Washington, D.C., 829 pp.

Johnson, N. K., REMSEN, J. V., Jr., & C. Cicero. 1999. Resolution of the debate over species concepts in ornithology: a new comprehensive biologic species concept. Pp. 1470-1482 in Proceedings 22nd International Ornithological Congress, Durban. BirdLife South Africa, Johannesburg.

REMSEN, J. V., Jr., A. Jaramillo, M. Nores, M. B. Robbins, T. S. Schulenberg, F. G. Stiles, J. M. C. da Silva, D. F. Stotz, and K. J. Zimmer. 2006. A classification of the bird species of South America. American Ornithologists' Union. 

REMSEN, J. V., JR. 2003. Family Furnariidae (ovenbirds). Pp. 162-357 in "Handbook of the Birds of the World," Vol. 8. Broadbills to Tapaculos (del Hoyo, J. et al., eds.). Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.

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