Dallas Headshot

Tad Dallas

SEE Division

Truman State University
University of Georgia (Odum School of Ecology)

University of California - Davis
University of Helsinki

E-mail: tadallas@lsu.edu 
Lab: 380/382 Life Sciences Building
Office: A343 Life Sciences AnnexLab: 380/382 Life Sciences Building
Office Phone: (225)578-1740   Lab Phone: (225)578-8551

Website: https://taddallas.github.io/

Area of Interest

 My research focuses on the population and community ecology of species in a very general sense. This includes developing and applying computational approaches to understanding species distributions and interactions, leveraging ecological data streams to gauge support for macroecological patterns, and utilizing experimental microcosms to test ecological theory. I have an affinity for parasites, graph theory, and machine learning. More information can be found on my website (https://taddallas.github.io/). 

If you're interested in joining my research group, please email me. I'm seeking both students and post-docs to work on projects involving either population or community ecology. Interested people would be expected to love theory, have reasonable programming skills (or a desire to learn), and lots of curiosity. As my research is interdisciplinary, I am happy to consider students from biology, computer science, or physics. 

Selected Publications

  • Characterizing the phylogenetic specialism-generalism spectrum of mammal parasites AW Park, Farrell, MJ, Schmidt, JP, Huang, S, T Dallas, Pappalardo, P, Drake, JM, Stephens, PR, Poulin, R, Nunn, CL, Davies, TJ 2018. Proceedings of the Royal Society B
  • Species are not most abundant in the center of their geographic range or climatic niche. T Dallas, Decker, R, Hastings, A 2017. Ecology Letters
  • Estimating parasite host range. T Dallas, Huang, S, Nunn, CL, Park, AW, Drake, JM 2017. Proceedings of the Royal Society B
  • Predicting cryptic links in host-parasite networks. T Dallas, Park, AW, Drake, JM 2017. PLoS Computational Biology
  • Experimental evidence of pathogen invasion threshold. T Dallas, Krkosek, M, Drake, J 2017. Royal Society Open Science
  • Compositional turnover in host and parasite communities does not change network structure. T Dallas, Poisot, T 2017. Ecography
  • The Macroecology of Infectious Diseases: A New Perspective on Global-scale Drivers of Pathogen Distributions and Impacts. P. Stephens, Altizer, S, Smith, K, Aguirre, A, Brown, J, Budischak, S, Byers, J, Dallas, T, Davies, J, Drake, J, Ezenwa, V, Farrell, M, Gittleman, J, Han, B, Huang, S, Hutchinson, R, Johnson, P, Nunn, C, Onstad, D, Park, A, Vazquez-Prokopec, G, Schmidt, J, Poulin, R 2016. Ecology Letters
  • helminthR: An R interface to the London Natural History Museum's Host-Parasite Database T Dallas 2016. Ecography
  • Competition-mediated feedbacks in experimental multi-species epizootics. T Dallas, Hall, R, Drake, JM 2016. Ecology