Written by Vince LiCata
Directed & Produced by Andy Jordan
Sound & Music by Don Hill

This revealing new online performance tells the true stories of four real astronauts, united by a common purpose and a common fate many years apart. Four heroes who helpedEarth, wind, fire, air change the course of history and push the world forward. Their missions you may remember but their names you may not. A captivating and atmospheric docudrama especially created for performance online.
An imaginative piece of online drama set in an alternate universe, its stories of remarkable courage are for anyone who has ever dreamed of going into space but who has mixed feelings about billionaires doing it to show off.

Cast: Jack Flammiger, Kenneth Lee, Goldy Notay and Joseph Wicks 

20 – 30 August 2021 At Online@TheSpaceUK as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Streaming free at any of the following 3 sites:"Earth_and_Fire,_Water_and_Air" 

The same team created the ground-breaking 2020 online play, SPACEXPAT which won an ONCOMM Award, and Best Production and Best Play in the 2021 Scenesaver Awards.
'Powerful use of Zoom as a structural device, not a poor substitute for live performance.’
'Totally gripping, beautifully cast, wonderfully performed drama.' Audience comments
‘Keeps us on the edge of our seats.’ G Scene Magazine
‘Comparable to live theatre… a high-concept storyline and high emotion.’ Broadway Baby

Further information:

Vince LiCata’s science-based plays have been produced across the US and abroad, and have focused on HIV drug development, ageing research, graduate student-mentor conflicts, science activism, autism, climate change, petroleum, research ethics enforcement, the structure of DNA, and cloning.

Vince LiCata says: “There has recently been an explosion of realistic and non-realistic space exploration drama in all media, and I wondered: what was missing? After thinking about it for a hot minute, it was quite clear which stories were missing, and this play attempts to help fill that emotional gap.”