Dr Simon Chang, long time LSU proifessor, dies at 92

Simon was a faculty member in the Biochemistry Department before the departments merged.  Before joining the department, Simon was a postdoc of Ghobind Khorana, the oligonucleotide synthetic chemist who shared the Nobel Prize for participation in the original work on the DNA code with Marshall Nirenberg.  

During his tenure at LSU, Simon had NIH funding for his research program for over 30 years. He undertook molecular cloning in the early 1980's to elucidate the sequence of tRNAs.  Simon taught Biochemistry and the graduate course in Nucleic Acids.  He continued to be involved and contribute to both the Biochemistry lecture and lab well after his retirement.   Simon remained hands-on with his research on the mechanism of action of phosphofructokinase (of glycolysis fame) until about 6 months ago.  Simon's dedication to both teaching and research was recently honored with a substantial donation from one of his former Ph.D. students.

Thanks to Simon's friends and colleagues Roger and Anne for sharing this information.