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Former LSU Grad Student Elected into National Academy of Sciences

David Sibley, who received his PhD in 1985 from LSU’s Department of Zoology and Physiology, was elected this spring into the National Academy of Sciences. He is currently a professor of molecular microbiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

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Nicholas Reid Accepted to Prestigious NSF Summer Research Experience

LSU Biological Sciences undergraduate student, Nicholas J. Reid gained acceptance to the prestigious NSF Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU): Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley, from Molecules to Ecosystems. This 10-week program has only a 4% acceptance rate and is designed to expose participating students to core Molecular, Cell, Developmental, Evolutionary, and Ecosystem Biology.

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Study Links Recovery of Oiled Marsh with Return of Salt Marsh Vegetation

Emeritus Professor John Fleeger's research on recovery from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is featured on the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiatives website. The article details the response of the benthic community in oiled sediments in Louisiana salt marshes. The research team in a recent publication with Fleeger as the lead author found that many benthic invertebrates recovered in about 3 years and that this recovery was strongly associated with the recovery of the principal marsh plant species Spartina alterniflora. However some invertebrates are still recovering from the spill after 4 years. Fleeger and the research team will continue to investigate these marsh sites to determine when all benthic species might recover and when the marsh will regain its full range of ecological services.

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LSU Faculty Bring Antarctica’s ‘Heroic Age’ to Life

LSU Department of Biological Sciences Professor Vince LiCata and Department of Communication Studies Associate Professor Trish Suchy received a National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists & Writers grant for a project in Antarctica in January and February. They will work with scientists and staff at the U.S. Antarctic Program’s research center, McMurdo Station, on a project called “Antarctica: Persistence of Vision.” They will recreate modern versions of some of the most iconic photography of the Antarctic continent captured more than 100 years ago....

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TED Selects LSU Museum of Natural Science Curator as 2016 TED Fellow

TED, the international nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading ideas — usually in the form of short, powerful talks – has selected LSU Associate Professor and Museum of Natural Science Curator of Fishes Prosanta Chakrabarty as one of 21 TED Fellows for 2016...

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Paper by Osborn and Homberger highlighted in "Anatomy Now"

Dr. Dominique G. Homberger and her former graduate student, Dr. Michelle L. Osborn (currently in the Department of Pathology at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia in Athens) have recently published their study “The Human Shoulder Suspension Apparatus: A Causal Explanation for Bilateral Asymmetry and a Fresh Look at the Evolution of Human Bipedality” (Osborn ML, Homberger DG. The Anatomical Record, 298 (9): 1572-1588. doi: 10.1002/ar.23178). Their article was featured in the September edition of “Anatomy Now”, the official newsletter of the American Association of Anatomists.

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Shirley C. Tucker Herbarium Ribbon Cutting and Symposium

On Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 2 p.m. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a symposium to celebrate the endowment and naming of the LSU Shirley C. Tucker Herbarium. 

Dr. Irwin Brodo of the Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa, and Dr. Chelsa D. Specht of the University of California, Berkley,  will deliver talks during the symposium.

More information about the events can be found here.



LSU Museum of Natural Science Curator of Mammals Jacob Esselstyn and colleagues discover a new type of shrew rat.

The Sulawesi snouter (Hyorhinomys stuempkei). Image credit: Kevin C. Rowe / Museum Victoria, Melbourne.

The Sulawesi snouter (Hyorhinomys stuempkei). Image credit: Kevin C. Rowe / Museum Victoria, Melbourne.

Featured in Ocobter's "Journal of Mammalogy, " Esselstyn and his international colleagues describe their discovery of the animal on the Indonesian island of Sulaweisi. 

This is not the first new species that Esselstyn has discovered. In 2006, he announced his findings of a new type of bat on the Philippines' Mindoro island.

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Bravo for Paleo: Biology Student Offers Healthy Alternative to Fatty Game Day Food

LSU College of Science highlights senior biology student, Monica Bravo and 'Bravo for Paleo'



2015 National Academies Gulf Coast Summer Institute

GCSI Group PictureThe Department of Biological Sciences hosted the 4th National Academies Gulf Coast Summer Institute (GCSI) on Undergraduate Education in Science July 20-24. LSU is one of seven national sites to host Summer Institutes. This HHMI-supported program aims to foster innovative approaches to teaching undergraduate biology. There were thirty participants from fifteen institutions in eight states, Puerto Rico and Lebanon. The GCSI was directed by Chris Gregg and Bill Wischusen. Twelve faculty from seven universities served as facilitators. Chris Gregg, Lori Patrick, Joe Siebenaller and Bill Wischusen were among the presenters and facilitators. As a result of their successful completion of the GCSI the following Biological Sciences faculty and postdoctoral researchers were bestowed the title of National Academies Education Fellow in the Life Sciences: Joanna Bajsa-Hirschel, Jake Esselstyn, Brant Faircloth, Hollie Hale-Donze, Marylou Machingura, Dong-Ha Oh and Johnna Roose. Since 2004 thirty-three members of the Department of Biological Sciences have received recognition as National Academies Education Fellows in the Life Sciences. Nation-wide from 2004 to 2013, there have been 963 participants and 145 facilitators in the National Academies Summer Institutes on Undergraduate Education in Biology.


LSU Alumni Association International Student Scholarship

Congratulations to Sandra P. Galeano, PhD student in the Harms lab, who has been awarded the 2015 LSU Alumni Association International Student Scholarship!

Karen Maruska featured in LSU News

May 15, 2015

Twin Genes: Researchers Discover Second Stress Response Hormone in Louisiana Garfish


Undergraduate Student Recognition

The following undergraduate students received awards:

Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Award

  • Stanley Fuentes, Dr. Anne Grove’s laboratory

Biological Sciences Outstanding Senior in Biochemistry Award

  • David Odenheimer, Dr. Pat DiMario’s laboratory

Charles S. McCleskey Award in Microbiology

  • Cersten Bradley, Dr. Bill Doerler’s laboratory
  • Dante Johnson, Dr. Anne Grove’s laboratory
  • Shannon McDuff, Dr. Gary King’s laboratory

Robert L. Amborski Award

  • Erin Oliver, Dr. Brent Christner’s laboratory
  • David Pitre, Dr. Cameron Thrash’s laboratory

Marion D. Socolofsky Award

  • Jessica Lee Weckhorst

Geaux Teach Senior Award

  • Sidney White

Graduate Student Recognition

The following graduate students received awards:

Simon Chang / Ezzat Younathan Outstanding Biochemistry Teaching Assistant Award

  • Kapataru Mukherjee
  • Aaron Landry

Daisy B. and William J. Luke Botany Teaching Assistant

  • Robert DiMario

C.R. Komma Memorial Outstanding Graduate Student Award

  • Sujeet Kumar
  • Ashish Gupta

McDaniel Award

  • Dinesh Deochand

Congratulations to all!

Faculty Recognition

The following received a LSU College of Science Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award:

  • Barry Aronhime
  • Ginger Brininstool
  • John Larkin
  • Khoa Nguyen

Vince LiCata received the TAF Undergraduate Teaching Award from the Ogden Honors College

Chris Gregg received the LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation Outstanding Instructor Award

Congratulations to all!

NSF GRFP Fellowships

Congratulations to Zach Rodriguez, Andre Moncrieff, Jonathan Nations!

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Chris Gregg is this year’s recipient of the Dr. Marion “Soc” Socolofsky Award for Teaching Excellence.  This award is in recognition of his achievements in teaching and mentoring, as both a Science Residential College (SRC) rector and instructor of biological sciences .  Congratulations, Dr. Gregg!

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College of Science Hall of Distinction 2015

Congratulations to College of Science Hall of Distiction honorees Meredith Blackwell and John O’Neill!


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Rainmakers Announced

Dr. James Moroney has been awarded a 2014 Rainmaker award, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Senior Scholar award.

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Mechanisms of Biodiversity

Kyle Harms’ research highlighted in the Daily Reveille.

See full story: University researcher sheds light on mechanisms of biodiversity


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