A New Facility

 The final phase envisioned by the consulting team is the construction of a new Interdisciplinary Science Building to create a complete science precinct for greater collaborations and advanced learning and research. This building will highlight team-based interdisciplinary research and will provide a dynamic space where students can actively en-gage with the sciences. The facility would include:

  • Active learning classrooms
  • Laboratories for research and instruction
  • An innovation center
  • Collaboration and project areas
  • A café / common area for informal collaboration

At the completion of this plan, 60% of the college’s space will occupy new, state-of-the-art learning and research facilities, including the transformation of 30% of existing space and reallocation of over 43,000 net square feet for alternative uses. This broad strategy will align the college’s strategic mission with its infrastructure, supporting continued growth and excellence.