Despite the pandemic, our goal remains the same: to protect your well-being while delivering on our promise of a top-tier education. For academic coaching, tutoring, and other resources, visit the Center for Academic Success.

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  • Summer session classrooms will abide by a maximum 50 percent occupancy rate; fall semester classrooms are expected to return to 100 percent occupancy rate
  • Face coverings will be required, classroom podiums will be situated more than six feet away from student seating, and there will be enhanced cleaning throughout the buildings.
  • One-way hallways and planned ingress and egress from classrooms will dictate traffic flow, so please pay attention to directional signage.
  • Classes of 100 or more students will be online with few exceptions.
  • Classes with between 11-99 students will meet in designated rooms with full or partial/alternating attendance days, unless faculty members have scheduled for these courses to be held online. Some of these classes will be in rooms that can accommodate the entire class and can meet regularly (e.g., a class size of 25 meeting in a classroom that holds 50 or more). Some will be in rooms that only can accommodate half of the class and will require only half the class attend at a time (e.g., a class size of 50 meeting in a classroom that holds 60, with 25 physically present on a given class session). A hybrid or flex structure to the class would allow all students rotating access to in-person attendance.
  • Classes with 10 or fewer students may meet as scheduled, unless faculty members have scheduled for these courses to be held online.

Faculty and graduate assistants are prepared to instruct students who are required to quarantine at any point in the semester and, therefore, be unable to attend class. For this reason, live streaming and/or a lecture capture software will be universally implemented.

If students feel safer staying remote, they should contact their academic adviser as soon as possible. LSU will work to try to help students build a schedule of remote courses that will still keep them on track toward graduation. This will depend on what courses a student needs, what their major is, and how close they are to graduation, but we will do everything possible to try to accommodate students.

Placement/Credit by Examination

The LSU Testing Center is closed until further notice. Remote testing options are being made available for students needing to take Course Placement Exams and Course Credit by Examination.  

Placement Exams for incoming freshmen students and Credit by Examination for continuing/incoming transfer students are two separate processes.  View information for placement/credit by examination.

LSU Library

LSU Library and Hill Memorial Library are open to the public. University policies and procedures for wearing masks and social distancing must be followed in the libraries. The Libraries has enhanced cleaning procedures in place, and hand sanitizer stations to help provide a safe and healthy environment. Many services and resources are available online, and remote assistance is available through the “AskUs” link at for LSU Library and at for Special Collections. Visit the Libraries website for up-to-date information about hours of operation.

Quiet Zone Spaces

Quiet zone spaces are available around campus for students to do virtual classes. These are spaces for students who are on campus when their remote/online course is scheduled to meet. These are not general purpose study spaces for people to do their asynchronous work.

The following spaces are open from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

  • Allen Hall Room 131 (20 spaces)
  • Coates Hall Room 130 (20 spaces)
  • Coates Hall Room 234 (20 spaces)
  • Electrical Engineering Building Room 145 (15 spaces)
  • Lockett Hall Room 135 (15 spaces)
  • Tureaud Hall Room 215 (20 spaces)
  • Williams Hall Room 210 (25 spaces)
  • LSU Library Study Carrels on 2nd and 4th floors (100 spaces total)*
  • LSU Library Room 232 (15 spaces)*
  • LSU Student Union Quiet Zone, located near Room 358J (20 spaces)
  • LSU Student Union Evangeline Room, located in Room 306 (12 spaces)

*LSU Library study carrels and classroom both have ample outlets.