RNR Student Named as Knauss Fellowship Finalist

Ashley Booth[23 Aug 2022] Two graduate students at Louisiana State University (LSU), two from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette (ULL) and one from Loyola University have been named 2023 Knauss Fellowship finalists. All were nominated for the fellowship by the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program. Ashley Booth, a graduate student in the School of Renewable Natural Resources is one of the Finalists.

Booth is a doctoral student concentrating in wetland ecology. She anticipates graduating in December 2022. She earned a master’s degree in marine and environmental biology from Nicholls State University and a bachelor’s degree in animal and veterinary science from Clemson University in South Carolina.

“My research, extension, and education experiences are products of my appreciation for coastal wetlands and how they shape communities and culture,” said Booth. “While living in Louisiana, I have delved into environmental and cultural experiences in the region, including countless hours spent fishing, hunting, foraging and exploring in the coastal landscape.

My interest in the fellowship is driven by awareness of the gap in communication between scientists, policymakers and the public,” said Booth. “The discrepancy between research and application negatively impacts ecosystem management, particularly in fields like coastal ecology where science outpaces policy. Policy formation is also negatively impacted by poor public understanding of coastal issues. This disconnect was evident during my research and consulting work in deteriorating coastal environments.

Driven by these experiences, my career goal is to work in a position that combines generating actionable science with disseminating knowledge to ecosystem managers, policymakers and the public,” she added.

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