Insurances and Self-Insurance

Risk Management oversees the commercial insurances and internally funded risk financing programs (also referred to as “self-insurance") that cover the University’s property, liability, and workers compensation exposures. Some of the Univesity's main coverage areas are summarized below.

Insurance Needs or Questions

In special instances, an individual employee or department may need separate, additional or different insurances from those already covering the University. This could be for a specific activity, event, contract or grant.  Employees and departments should not directly purchase insurance. For any insurance needs or questions, please contact Risk Management: 225-578-3283. 


Coverage Area  Description 
Property Insurance 
Property   "All Risks" property insurance covering the University's buildings and contents including Wind, Flood & Earthquake.
Boiler and Machinery   Provides coverage for sudden and accidental breakdown, explosion, or burnout, or University equipment.  
Fine Arts   "All Risks" insurance covering fine art, historical papers,  student art, artificants, speciman collections or other works with an artistic value. 
Crime Provide coverage for  employee theft, forgery or alterations, counterfeit money, computer crime, funds transfer fraud and other illegal financial acts.  
Workers Compensation  
Louisiana Statutory   
Defense Base Act (DBA)  
Other States