Featured Resident: First in Spruce Hall



Resident in Spruce Hall room

Rebecca L. was the first resident to check in to the new Spruce Hall at LSU for fall 2018. Welcome home! 


Rebecca L., a freshman from Covington, LA ,was the first person to move into Spruce Hall when the new hall opened after two years of construction on the north side of the LSU campus.

 Rebecca knew she was arriving early for her freshman year to participate in pre-semester events, but never expected to be the first resident to ever move into the new building.


“I came early for Art and Design Preview Day and thought there would be more students  moving in too, but there weren’t. It was definitely a smooth time unloading and unpacking for me,” said Rebecca.


It wasn’t just the new building that attracted Rebecca to Spruce Hall, but the Career Discovery Residential College program inside its walls. The program helps first-year students through the process of selecting a major and career path in collaboration with the LSU Olinde Career Center.


“I’m surrounded by a variety of people who I may  not have been exposed to if not for the Spruce Hall community. My roommate has a different major, my suitemates have different majors and we all learn from each other’s different career paths,” added Rebecca.


Shortly after freshman orientation Rebecca chose to major in Landscaping Architecture and plans to pursue landscape design in residential spaces, commercial businesses or even redesigning parks to help prevent flooding from natural disasters.


Rebecca and her plants feel right at home in Spruce Hall with its warm colors, surrounding nature, and bustling community. “I really like dorm life. It’s nice to be around people who are here working to achieve the same goals as you are. I think it is helping me succeed in college. And if you look at my room you can tell how much I love plants; I’m starting to run out of places to put them!” she said.


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