Why Live on Campus?

Whether you're coming to Baton Rouge from across the country or just down the road, living on campus gives you total access to all the LSU community has to offer right at your doorstep – academics, tradition, passion, involvement, culture, and more. And those doorsteps aren’t to dorms of yesteryears, but the doorsteps of modern residence halls to meet the needs of today’s students...YOU!

The list of on-campus amenities goes on and on, but really, when else can you say your address is L-S-U? Don't miss out. Still need more? OK, here you geaux:

Location. Location. Location.

No need to worry about getting to campus or fighting traffic to make it to class on time because you’ll already be here! You live among the stately oaks, broad magnolias, and arches of LSU. Walk where you need to go. Mike the Tiger is your neighbor. Getting to that study group or student org meeting is a breeze because you’re already on campus.

The Value Just Can’t Be Beat.

Who doesn’t want to save a buck nowadays? While you may save a dollar or two in other options, living on campus really is the best value when you compare apples to apples. Rent is by semester, so no worrying about subleasing over the summer. You can also focus on your courses since you don’t have to waste time driving and parking or handling monthly bills. Your semester’s rent covers all utilities, Internet, cable TV (Yes, the SEC Network is included!), IT Help desk support, pest control, cleaning services, and social events in your res hall. Not to mention living on campus is the true college experience…who would want to miss out on that?

Oh, and did we mention you can print for free in your res hall’s computer lab? Just bring your own paper and we’ll take care of the rest.

Academics – The Real Reason You’re In College.

Yes, we throw crawfish boils and paint parties, but everything we do is really geared toward helping you earn a degree from LSU. Graduation starts today, so get started the best way – on campus. Students living on campus consistently have higher GPAs, higher retention to second-year rates, and higher graduation rates than their off-campus peers.

As if living on campus wasn’t great enough, we’ve added another layer to it with our residential colleges for first-year students. Live with people of the same major or who have similar interests, take classes together – sometimes right in your res hall, walk down the hall to your professor’s office in your res hall, and easily form study groups with your neighbors who are also in your classes. Res colleges make LSU a little smaller for you, and put everything you need right in front of you.

Fun Stuff – The Other Reason You’re In College.

We get that college is a time for you to grow academically and personally, and want to help you with both. From crawfish boils and paint parties to “How To Do LSU” sessions and everything in between, our staff hosts programs for you in your hall and on the larger campus to make sure you’re meeting people, having fun, and enjoying a well-rounded college experience.

We Care About Students.

LSU Residential Life is here to serve students and make sure you can grow personally and succeed academically at LSU. A staff of resident assistants (34:1 RA:Student ratio!) and two (Yes, two!) live-in staff members (Yes, they live in your building!) serve each on-campus community. We’re here to help you with that roommate conflict, introduce you to other LSU students and organizations, celebrate your accomplishments, and be your home away from home.

We also have the most friendly, hardest working custodial staff on campus. Our team of more than 125 custodians takes pride in their work and keeps our halls – your LSU home – clean and comfortable. If something breaks, our facility services team works 24/7 to make sure you’re safe and comfortable. 

We Don’t Have Dorms.

More than 21 residence halls – not dorms – and two apartment complexes on campus offer you modern living spaces to make campus your home. You’ll relax on outside patios, meet people in your lobby, make mac and cheese in your hall’s kitchen, cram for an exam in the numerous study rooms, and figure out how to do laundry in your laundry room. You can also access your computer lab 24/7 and print for free – just bring your own paper. Your room has free-standing, movable furniture so you can put your personal touch on the space. And, yes, it’s all air-conditioned! (We get that question from our alums a lot!) Get details of rooms for each hall to see your space

You’re Always Connected.

You’re connected everywhere on campus, including your res hall. Both wireless and wired high-speed Internet connections are included in your rent. On top of that, we also have our own Res Life ITS Help Desk for on-campus residents. Having issues with Internet, cable TV, or your laptop is on the fritz? Let us know and we’ll be there to help!

Safety Comes First.

When you live on campus, know that your safety and security is our top priority. We have several measures in place like 24 hour front desks, secure card access, on-call staff 365/24/7, call boxes, fire safety equipment, and a nightly hall monitoring system. We also work closely with LSU Police to patrol residential areas and have a presence in the halls through our Adopt-A-Hall program.