Room Selection

  • Based on your housing date of application, you are assigned a time slot (a day and time) to go online and select your actual building and room assignment with the option of inviting roommates and suite mates into the room/suite.
    • View your Room Selection Time Slot on the “Application Status” page in the housing portal in late February. You will also receive the information via email.
    • The table below will be updated once the times and dates are set in the spring.

  • Be sure to search for, request and accept roommates before you go online to select your room if you want to be able to invite people into your room/suite.

  • Once you have access to the housing portal to select your room, you will continue to have access to select a room until the system closes.

  • Students who do not select their hall/room during this time will have their assignments made by the Res Life staff.

  • If you need to change your housing assignment after selecting a room, please email with your request.

  • Use the New Student Room & Roommate Guide to help you through the process. 
If you applied for housing: You will choose your room:
Group 1
Week of April 9, 2018 (4 p.m.) –  (10 a.m.)
Group 2
Week of April 16, 2018 (4 p.m.) –  (10 a.m.)
Group 3
Week of April 23, 2018 (4 p.m.) –  (10 a.m.)
Group 4
Week of May 7, 2018  (4 p.m.) –  (10 a.m.)
Waitlists Open April/May
Room Changes April/May