Incoming Students - Room & Roommate Selection | LSU Residential Life

Freshman Housing Timeline

1. Submit Housing Contract or Request Exemption

  • Submit your enrollment deposit fee in the admissions portal to unlock your next steps: orientation and housing. 
  • Once that is complete, you can access the housing portal in myLSU starting on January 4, 2019, at 10 a.m. to complete one of two actions:
  • Room selection time slots are assigned based on the date and time housing contract is electronically signed and submitted in myLSU. 


2. Indicate Preferred Housing Type

  • When you submit your contract, you can indicate if you prefer to live in a traditional res hall or in an academic community in a residential college.
  • You will not actually select your res hall or room at this point, only indicate your preferred type of housing. 


3. Search for and Accept Roommate Requests

  • Beginning March 1, 2019, you can opt to use the Roommate Finder service in the housing portal to see students who may be good matches to you based on a short survey about likes, preferences, lifestyles, etc. Residential Life does not use this information to match you with roommates. 
  • Only the people listed in your “Accepted Roommates” list in the housing portal will show as potential roommates during room selection. Make sure you search for and accept your preferred roommate’s request so you can select a room together.
    • For example, if you are accepted into the Engineering Res College, you will only see roommates who are also in the Engineering Res College.
    • If you request to change your housing preference, the potential roommates you see may change.
    • Residential college or Honors House residents can only request roommates who are also be participating in the SAME residential college or the Honors House.
  • All roommate requests must be mutual to be honored. While we do our best to accommodate preferences, not all requests can be honored.


4. Choose Your Room 

  • Based on the date you submit your housing contract, you will receive a Room Selection Time Slot (a day and time) to log in to the online housing portal and select your actual room and building in May.
  • Use the New Student Room & Roommate Guide (2019-20 version coming soon) to help you through the process.
  • Students who do not select their hall/room during this time will have their assignments made by the Res Life staff.

  • If you need to change your housing assignment after selecting a room, please email with your request.

  • Group If You Submit Your Housing Contract:   Room Selection Time Slot 

    Group 1

    January 4, 2019  10 a.m. - TBD Week of May 6 , 2019
    Group 2 TBD Week of May 13 , 2019
    Group 3 TBD  Week of May 20 , 2019
    Group 4 TBD  Week of May 27 , 2019
    Group 5 TBD  Week of June 3 , 2019
    Group 6 TBD Week of June 10 , 2019
     All Housing Portal Closed for Maintenance  Week of June 17, 2019

    Housing Portal Reopens

    Wait Lists Open

     Monday, June 24, 2019 at 10 a.m. (CST)
     All Room Changes   Email


5. Check Your Status and Wait Lists

  • On the dashboard of your housing portal in myLSU, you can view the most up to date information about your room, roommate, room selection time slot and wait lists.
  • If you don't get into your top choices of building, you can add and remove yourself from a building's wait list. We will contact you if a space opens up in your preferred building/program. Check your email regularly. The Res Life Assignments staff will not move you to an available space unless we receive written communication verifying the move within 48 hours.


6. If Necessary, Cancel Housing Contract

  • To cancel your on-campus housing contract, review the cancellation schedule and complete the request form
  • Any penalty associated with cancellation will go by the date and time this cancellation form is submitted and will be administered through your university student account:
    • Cancel your housing contract June 16 - 30:  $250 Cancellation Fee
    • Cancel your housing contract in July: $400 Cancellation Fee
    • Cancellations received August 1 or later, including “No Shows,” are subject to rent penalties (25-100% of room rent) outlined in the housing contract.