Frequently Asked Questions

My counts have increases/decreased.  How can I change the amount of beds I reserved?

The Assistant Director for Conferences and Contracts will send you a request for a Guaranteed Count ten business days before your group is due to arrive to campus.  This will be an opportunity for you to correct your group’s contract and provides Residential Life with a more specific count of your participants.  This is not your final count, but should be as close to an actual count as possible.  Your group will be billed for either the guaranteed count number provided on the Guaranteed Count Form or the actual head count housed, whichever is greater.


How is the deposit handled?

Your deposit is handled in one of two ways.  If you elected to be billed via the LSU Internal Transaction process, we will initiate an IT for $300 per group sometime after your contract is received by Residential Life.  If you elected to be invoiced for your housing costs, a $300 check (per group) is due when your signed contracts are returned.  If you are paying by check for more than one group, please feel free to send along one check for the total of all deposits.


When can my group begin checking in?

Check-in begins at 3 p.m. on the first contracted day of your group’s stay.  In order to best prepare the living spaces for your group, participants will not be allowed to access the living spaces in the building until this time.


Where does my group check in?

Your participants can check-in at the front desk for the hall(s) in which you will be staying.


When must my group vacate their rooms?

All guests must check out by 12 noon on the date of departure.  If your group has activities that extend beyond this noon deadline, arrangements can be made to store belongings until your group is ready to depart campus.