Project Intake Request

LSU has a centralized marketing/communications approval process for all print, promotional, advertising and exterior-facing communication. The Division of Strategic Communications’ (Strat Comm) approval must be secured regardless of account type (agency, program), if item includes “LSU” or not, and if the item is for internal or external audiences.

The Residential Life Communications office will be the liaison between Residential Life and LSU Strategic Communications (Strat Comm) for all project approvals. 

All projects must maintain LSU brand standards as set by the Division of Strategic Communications (Strat Comm):

  • LSU Brand Guidelines
  • Editorial Guidelines
  • Detailed information about university policies concerning all aspects of public relations is provided in PS10.
  • LSU templates for brochures, flyers, postcards, awards, certificates, ads, and more are available to all LSU faculty and staff. Use your paws ID to access and download from the Division of Strategic Communication's website
  • LSU Residential Life templates are available in G/Public/Communications Toolkits.

Every expense report in Workday that lists “ads,” “printing, binding or duplication,” or “promotional item” must have both for processing and payment:

  1. Approved PUR 522 form from LSU Trademark/Licensing Office and Procurement,
  2. Email approval from LSU Strategic Communications for brand alignment

These approvals must be secured prior to placing the order.


Project Request Form

Name of person requesting project assistance

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Best phone number to reach you

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What are you trying to accomplish? Where will these materials be used?

Who is your intended audience? Current residents, prospective residents, transfer students, etc.

When do you need the finished product in hand?

Please describe your project request and your concept for the materials. Please be as descriptive as possible so that we can best facilitate your request.

Please include any pertinent information not included above.