Room Selection Details - Incoming First-Year Students

Sent to incoming first-year students with assigned room selection time slots as of 5-2-19. 


Charge your laptop and set your alarm. It's almost time to pick your LSU home!

Based on the date you completed your LSU on-campus housing contract, you will gain access to select your actual room in the next two weeks.

View your exact room selection time slot in the housing portal via myLSU. Your room selection time slot is when you gain access in the LSU housing portal to select your residence hall and room with the option to invite accepted roommate(s) into available beds in your room or suite.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Review the Room & Roommate Selection Guide at before you log in for step-by-step instructions on selecting your building and room, roommate information, room changes, and waitlist details.
  • Review building floor plans and room measurements to prep.
  • Make sure you have any preferred roommates in your “accepted roommates” list so you’ll be able to pull them into your room or suite.
  • Yes, you can pull in roommates who are in a later time slot than you.
  • Bookmark for the latest information about room selection.

    If you don’t get your first choice residence hall or room style, mark the calendar for June 24, 2019. Starting that day, you can add yourself to res hall and room style waitlists. If your preferred room becomes available, our team will contact you about changing room assignments to that room.


Questions? You can always reach us at