Apartment Leasing: Wait Lists Now Open



The campus apartment self-selection online process is now closed; however, limited space is still available in campus apartments – ECA, WCA, and Nicholson Gateway Apartments.

You can add your name to wait lists in the housing portal for preferred apartment/room types, regardless of whether or not you already have an apartment booking for next year. 

How to Add Yourself to an Apartment Wait List(s):

  • Access the 2019-20 contract in the housing portal via myLSU.
  • Complete the welcome, personal details, accessible housing, contract agreement, application confirmation, personal profile, and personal preferences pages.
  • Scroll to the “Wait list Search” step in the navigation bar.
  • Select desired apartment location and click “Search.”
  • Select desired apartment type and click “Assign.”
  • You may revisit the Wait List Search step to sign up for additional wait lists, review which wait lists you are on, and remove yourself from wait lists at any time.

The Res Life Assignments Team is currently working the wait lists and will notify you as spaces become available throughout the spring and summer.




Wait Lists FAQs:

How will I know if I have a fall space from the wait lists?

The Assignments Team will contact students on the wait lists via LSU email as spaces become available. Students will have a designated time frame to accept the offered apartment space and submit the advance rent payment, if not already submitted. Residents who currently have a fall booking will not lose that space or advance rent payment by joining a wait list.  

By joining a wait list, there is no guarantee a space will become available. 


What if I have a preferred roommate?

Roommates must individually join wait lists. If you are contacted in regards to an available space and want to move with a linked roommate, reply to the notification stating your roommate request. Our Assignments Team will work to accommodate roommate requests as space allows.


Do I have to pay advance rent to be on a wait list?

Not at this time.  Students are only required to pay advance rent once they have a 2019-2020 assignment. Once the Assignments Team assigns you to a space, you will have 48 hours to pay your advance rent. Instructions will be provided to you with your assignment information. 


By completing the contract and signing up for the wait lists, am I subject to any penalties related to the contract?

Not at this time. Students confirm their contract by paying advanced rent. Students with an active contract and no advanced rent payment will be purged from the system as determined by the Assignments Team.



LSU Department of Residential Life