Restroom Cleaning Schedule


Hello residents, 

Our team of custodians strives to keep your building in great shape so you have a comfortable and clean place to live and study. 

Please review the weekly cleaning schedule below for your building and locate your custodian’s name and your scheduled day for service.

There may some minor changes in the schedule if your staff member is out of the office. In those situations, your cleaning schedule may be delayed by a day, and you may see other custodial staff members cleaning in their absence. If you experience a reduced quality of service or no service at all, please contact your custodial supervisor listed below. 

The custodians are only responsible for cleaning your bathrooms. Please pick up your personal items so the staff can clean thoroughly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Custodial Supervisor.

Weekly inspections are conducted to assess the quality of cleaning in your community.  Periodically, your Custodial Supervisor may enter your room to inspect the cleanliness of your bathroom.

(Each community's schedule was inserted here. Refer to original email or contact us for details.)