Moving to Evangeline Hall


Attention Highland and Louise Garig Residents!


As you know, we are re-opening Evangeline Hall in January 2019, and will be relocating everyone from Highland and Louise Garig Halls over after winter break. To prepare, we want to share our planned timeline for getting everyone settled into their beautiful new homes in the historic Evangeline Hall.


Mid November: Evangeline Room Assignments

  • In the next week or so you will receive your new room and roommate/suitemate assignment for your new home in Evangeline Hall. This information will be communicated directly from our Res Life Assignments Staff, and they will detail additional questions and requests in their email.


Late November: Box Pick-Up Party

  • Along with the Science Res College, hall staff will have boxes, tape, and markers available and rationed per resident to be able to pack a few things up for the move to Evangeline. Each resident will get the following: 2 Large Boxes, 2 Medium Boxes, a marker, a roll of packaging tape. Stay tuned for a specific email and event with those details.
  • Please note that our staff will NOT move any electronics as we don’t want to accidentally damage anything. Our maintenance team will help move mini-fridges but they MUST be empty and defrosted beforehand.
  • All of the items packed in these 4 boxes will be moved by our maintenance team in January when folks return for Evangeline Move-In Day. You’ll need to be sure to label your box with your name and Evangeline Hall Room Number so our staff know where to take it in January when we open up from winter break.


December 8th: Halls Close for Winter Break

  • You don’t have to move everything completely out of your hall in December, but you will have to follow the winter break closing procedures, which will be reviewed in floor meetings. We suggest taking a few things home if you’re able to in order to make the move over in January a little easier.


January 5th: Evangeline Move-In Day 9AM-1PM

  • Our halls across campus open back up on Sunday, January 6th, but to accommodate the move to Evangeline, we’re allowing Highland and Louise Garig residents to return a day early to make the migration over to their new hall. That means you’ll be able to arrive on Saturday, January 5th for an Evangeline Move-In Day from 9am-1pm. We will have some staff volunteers during this time, moving bins, and unloading zones for folks to move their belongings over to their new hall.
  • You’re able to move back in any time after that, but our staff availability for checking in, and any volunteer assistance may be more sparse.
  • We will also have an opening social event that evening in Evangeline Hall – stay tuned for more details as staff finalize those plans.


We’re excited about re-opening Evangeline Hall and hope you are too!


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