Announcement: Fire Drills August 20-30



Fire drills will be conducted within all on-campus residence halls and apartments August 20-30, 2018. These drills will begin at 5:00 p.m. each day. 

All occupants of the building are required to leave during the alarm. Your community’s Evacuation Location is located on page 21 of the Living on Campus Handbook

Residential Life staff will enter your room to determine that you have properly evacuated during the alarm. This is in accordance with section 4.g. of the Department of Residential Life Academic-Year Contract.

During the fire alarm, staff members will address any violation of policy that is observed. If a violation is observed, the staff member will follow appropriate protocol, including, but not limited to: confiscation of contraband or illegal items, as well as documentation and subsequent outcomes through the student conduct process. For more information, please contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Residence Life Coordinator (RLC).


Monday, August 20

Horseshoe Community (Annie Boyd, Highland, Louise Garig Halls)

East, West Laville Halls

Blake, Acadian Halls


Tuesday, August 21

Herget Hall

Miller Hall


Wednesday, August 22

Residential College Complex (RC-West, South, North Halls)

Broussard Hall

Pentagon Community (Beauregard, Jackson, LeJeune, Taylor Halls)


Thursday, August 23

Cypress Hall

Kirby Smith Hall

Spruce Hall


Monday, August 27

West Campus Apartments


Tuesday, August 28

Nicholson Gateway Riverbend & Canal Halls


Wednesday, August 29

Nicholson Gateway Oxbow, Gulf & Delta Halls

Nicholson Gateway Marsh & Bayou Halls


Thursday, August 30

Alpha Phi Alpha House

East Campus Apartments


Notice of room entry and notification of any actions that should be taken will be communicated to you via paperwork left in a visible area in your room or apartment. For more information, please contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Residence Life Coordinator (RLC).



Safety First and Geaux Tigers!



LSU Department of Residential Life

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