Housing Expectation Reminder

Dear Student: 

We’re already prepping for move-in day, but our records show you requested and received an on-campus housing exemption. We want to remind you of some important details regarding exemptions to living on campus as a freshman:

  • If you received an exemption based on your ZIP code, you must live at home with your parent or legal guardian for the 2018-2019 academic year. 
  • As a reminder, students who fail to comply with the housing expectation and/or who provide false or misleading information in connection with a request for exemption could be subject to the posting of the lowest published room rental charges for the term of enrollment to the student’s account for each semester in which the student does not comply, and/or subject to the student accountability process, which could include referral to the Dean of Students office.

If you change your mind about living at home, we’re here to help! We have space enough to meet demand, and every first-year student can benefit from the advantage of guaranteed on-campus housing. Living on campus not only provides incredible academic benefits (increased GPA, retention and graduation rates), but it also offers an immediate opportunity for you to make new friends and build a community, which eases the transition between high school and college.  


Questions? Email us at reslife@lsu.edu.


Geaux Tigers! 

Lynn Livingston