Safety Reminders & Updates


Dear Residents,


After the reported incident on the north side of campus last night, we want to update you on the commitments we’ve made to you regarding your safety, security, and the infrastructure near campus residence halls and apartments.

  • Additional lighting was added over winter break along Aster Street, and more is planned for the Aster Street Lot south of Ed Gay Apartments.
  • All parking south of Aster Street is resident-only parking. Commuter parking is only available in the corner lot of Alaska and Aster Streets.
  • Additional parking lots are being constructed near the band hall. Weather delays have postponed the opening of the lots.
  • Two commissioned LSU Police officers are assigned to patrol the Spruce Lane (formerly Gov. Claiborne Drive)/Aster and Alaska Streets/Aster Street areas overnight and are available to assist you. These officers alternate driving through the area and sitting idle for visibility. 
  •  In light of the reported armed robbery, LSU Police is adding two additional bicycle officers, in addition to normal patrols previously taking place, to patrol the area around Kirby Smith Hall, Cypress Hall and towards Edward Gay Apartments near the band hall.
  • If you park further away from your building and would like an escort to your building, contact Campus Transit at 225-578-5555 or schedule an on-demand pickup through the TransLoc app between 5:30 p.m. – midnight. After midnight, contact LSU Police for assistance. 
  • LSU Shield is a free app available to the LSU community to help students, faculty and staff report emergencies or crimes, receive help from police, or simply check on each other to ensure they’ve arrived safely at their destinations or returned safely from class, their workouts, or other outings.


For all of our construction, we appreciate your patience during the temporary periods of progress, but at LSU, we also try to accommodate as many concerns as possible. Your safety and security is our top priority, and we will continue to improve safety measures within our control.


Thank you, Tigers, 

Residential Life staff