What Do Vaping, Popcorn & Macaroni Have in Common?

August 23, 2017


There have been a higher than normal number of fire alarms in the week since move in. Review the information below and do your part to keep your community safe and false-alarm free. The Residential Life staff and Baton Rouge Fire Department thank you in advance!

Here are the top three things causing fire alarms:


Vaping is not allowed in campus communities. The vapors act just like smoke and affect the smoke detector systems in the same way. According to page 12 of the Living on Campus Handbook: “The use and possession of tobacco and tobacco products is prohibited on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and vaporizers. Residents and guests must move to off-campus locations or a personal vehicle with closed windows for the use and storage of tobacco products.”

Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is allowed in campus communities (thank goodness!), but please don’t forget to put water in the bowl when you microwave it. Also, please read the instructions and do not cook it too long.


We love popcorn as much as you do, but please read the instructions and do not cook it too long. That smell. The smoke. The fire potential. No good.

As a reminder:

When an alarm or evacuation alarm is activated, you are required to immediately evacuate the building, even if it is just burned popcorn because we have to make sure it’s just Zack on the second floor burning popcorn (again) and not something more serious.  Find your evacuation locations on page 18 of the Living on Campus Handbook.
Fire drills are being conducted within all on-campus residence halls and apartments now through August 29, 2017. These drills will begin at 5:00 p.m. each day. Please see the schedule below for your community’s specific date, and last week’s email for specifics about the drills. All occupants of the building are required to leave during the alarm. Residential Life staff will enter your room to determine that you have properly evacuated during the alarm. This is in accordance with section 3.g. of the Department of Residential Life Academic-Year Contract.

Tuesday, August 22: Broussard and South, West and North Halls

Wednesday, August 23: Horseshoe Community – Highland, Annie Boyd and Louise Garig Halls - and Blake Hall, Acadian Hall

Thursday, August 24: Miller Hall, Herget Hall, and East, West Laville Halls

Monday, August 28: Alpha Phi Alpha House, East Campus Apartments

Tuesday, August 29: West Campus Apartments


LSU Police Department is hosting its annual Public Safety Day on September 6, 2017 outside the Student Union.